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About Us

About Kaley Jase

Kaley Jase Boutique is a long time dream finally put into motion after I had Kaley, my daughter. I was a full time RN in the emergency room right up until I had her. But after being with her 12 weeks during materinty leave, I just could not see going back to work full time and leaving Kaley at home, so after talking to my husband we decided I'd go back part time for about a year. In May 2013, after much research and thought I finally decided now was the time to attempt my long time dream of owning my own business. So I invested in my dream & started the ball rolling right out of my house.  In 2014 the storefront opened and in 2015 we expanded to a much larger space where we currently reside.

At Kaley Jase we strive to provide excellent, above and beyond customer service. We also want your experience to be as personal and interactive as possible. This was made possible in our VIP group page.( We hope you love what you see and find a piece or two that makes you feel great about yourself and so confident because you are BeYOUtiful & deserve it!

 To My Customers

These first four years have far surpassed what I had hoped for and I am so grateful for my awesome customers that have helped my business grow. Yal have supported me all along the way and I'm so appreciative!! My customers are the best and I'm so glad that I have gotten to interact, meet, and get to know yal! I am so very blessed to have yal in my life. 

Lorie Beth

Owner of Kaley Jase Boutique


Kaley (The Future BOSS) & Lorie Beth

  Jason, AKA the Husband.

He has always been behind me at following my dreams, believing in me that I could do it, and trusting me even when my business ideas are sometimes a little crazy. Without him I don't know that I would have taken some of the big leaps I did that required a lot of faith and a little side of crazy HAHA.

 My Dad & Mom

These two folks are an integral part of KJB and without them I don't know how I would survive. They are the BEST! I love them so much and its always good to know they are in my corner.